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How to Add Do Follow Links In HTML TAG of your WordPress blog

How to Add Do Follow Links Add Do Follow Links in HTML TAG for your WordPress blog or website. You can add the “do follow” link, when you write a post and share it on a various social network. You should know that when you add a link to your …

how to keep yourself happy
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How to keep yourself happy | Easy Tips to Pursuit of the happiness

wow, is it so hard for you being happy or finding happiness? well, if you are reading this article it’s mean you are looking for real happiness and ways to be happy. Here, we will share valuable information to tell you how to keep yourself happy and motivated. Anyways, maybe …

cure hiccups
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Do you know what to do to cure hiccups, when you have hiccups?

Do you know what cure hiccups, when you have hiccups? Well, here are few tips and strategies that will help you to get rid of hiccups and cure hiccups. What causes hiccups First of all, you must know that Hiccups is an involuntary contraction mainly caused by some spasming in …

samsung better than apple
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samsung better than apple | 8 Amazing Feature that makes Samsung better than apple

Samsung better than apple why Samsung better than apple, let’s try know some more interesting feature of both Samsung and Apple iphone. Display and Camera Quality Samsung does a better resolution on their display so Q-HD (Quad High Definition) right now or you call it to 2-K resolution. here, you …

find your android
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Find your Android Phone on Computer | Have you lost your Android

You are looking for a way to find your Android Phone that’s mean you’ve lost your android phone somewhere. and now, you are looking for a way to get it back. well, there are a lot of apps out there that can help you track your phone. but there is …

why you shouldn't pop your pimple
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Why you shouldn’t pop your pimple | Treat your Pimple Overnight

Why you shouldn’t pop your pimple Whenever a big pimple rears its ugly white head the best thing you can leave it alone. why you shouldn’t pop your pimple? well, if you pop it, you’ll release a flood of infection that could spawn more pimples. how to know when a …

How to Quit Smoking
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How to Quit Smoking and How does Smoking Cause Lung Cancer

Quit Smoking Quit Smoking can change your Life. Breathing sustain life, every time you breathe in precious oxygen it makes everything work inside your body the right way”. Many people believe that smoking is just a bad habit but it’s more than that for many people it is a very …

how to backup iphone
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How to back up iPhone or iPad on Computer Via iTunes or iCloud

¬†How to do a backup on iPhone If you feel that you want to backup iPhone and actually there are two ways to do that. Let’s learn how to backup iPhone via your computer which is probably the best way rather than iCloud. First of all, you’ll need a couple …

statue of liberty
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Why France Gifted Statue of liberty to America? Simple Fun Facts

Statue of liberty The statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, which is Located in New York Harbor. But do you know who build this marvelous statue of liberty and how did it came to America from France? Officially, the Statue of Liberty known …

clear iphone ram
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How to clear Iphone ram memory | How to free Iphone Memory in Minute

How to Clear iPhone RAM | How to free Iphone memory in a minute !!! Hi, everyone. I wanted to share with you a quick tip on how to Clear iPhone Ram. This should work for just about any iPhone out there today and this is really simple to do. …