Hey, Guys, It’s me Your Thunder Buddy.



thunder buddy

Well, I don’t know, What exactly I should write on this page to get your confidence. But I do know what the purpose behind creating this website.By now right this moment, Consider me as your new Friend and I will share My every little story and my every single knowledge with you, I do blogging about almost everything, and I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I never Thought that one day I’m gonna make my own website. well, It’s true, because I’m here right now. But “your thunder buddy” is not just a website, it’s reflect my vision and dreams as  a real person who want to build his own “your Thunder buddy community“. and I might gonna need your help in order to do that.



your thunder buddy



A wise man once told me, it’s good to make friends outside but it’s awesome to have a Friends.

So, if you looking for a long lasting friendship, you can be my friends. well, it’s totally depends on you, and what you expect from me, as i told you before. Here, we can share lots of valuable information to change a change in a world.

Do you know who is that person? well. it’s “your thunder buddy”.

See you around guys

Be happy and stay happy